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custom home builders VancouverEach project demands a unique approach in Vancouver. Custom home builders understand this and hence systematically apply our attention and creativity into each of them. Custom home Vancouver gets involved in the design from the start to recognize the obstacles in the way. Understanding your expectations so that they can be appropriately addressed. Our relentless service does not end until we have accomplished in giving you the best.

Custom home builders are a technically advanced construction company that efficiently builds customized residential homes in Vancouver. We are also experts in  commercial offices and low rise condominiums at affordable prices. Apart from this, our professional and experienced team of construction experts provides an array of other services that includes:

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Vancouver construction consultation on a budget. We offer assistance with the type of contract, material to be employed in construction, design, color scheme and home design. Project management from site acquisition to the completion of the project.
We are there in the profession of building custom homes in Vancouver since the year 2002, and now we are continuously growing each day with time. We understand that you want your house to be different from another, and also you have your own way of living that makes the house different. Thus, this is where from we got the idea of providing you with a custom home design. Since the starting of the designing, our experts have a detailed conversation with you in each step so that your ideas can be put in customizing your home without any kind of the hurdle in between.

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We are a team of well-skilled experts and have been using some of the most advanced techniques in building a proper and well-defined custom home for you. We are experts in offering you a customized designing for your residential houses, for various commercial township buildings and also at times for other buildings and housings too. Apart from these features of providing you with a properly customized housing design our experts also are professionals in offering you with a number of other facilities.

Why Custom Home Builders in Vancouver is your best choice

We offer some such services to you that are professional so that you can have your dream house in front of you without any mistake of lacking. We offer you assistance in selection of various things such as materials, color scheme and many others that are required for the designing of the house. Not only we do discuss the designing aspects, but our experts also discuss the budget with you in details before the work starts so that you can decide on the things that you wish to select and the changed that you wish to make to suit your budget comfortably.

  • Licensed home builder by Home Protection Office. Custom Home Vancouver provides 2,5,10 year warranty by Pacific Home Warranty
  • Proud memeber of BBB
  • Our team at custom home builders Vancouver provides a fixed price based on buildable square footage
  • We are flexible and  also build on a flat fee

All discussions and activities are done in a professional manner going above and beyond commitments. We offer you with a contract that has all the details mentioned so that you can have a go through and let us know the changes that you want us to make. Also, proper project management is maintained since the custom designing work is starting so that no mistake can be done and all the work can go on properly and in a planned way.

We understand the importance of your dreams, and also we do understand the affordability part. Hence, we try our best to offer you custom homes at a reasonable cost.

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